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From the beginning on, Dr. Schwerdtfeger HR Consultancy has been committed to its moral standards trust, solidity and partnership. Every single one of our cooperations, with mandates and canditates, is based on these fundamental values.

Aiming to bring together outstanding personalities with outstanding companies, we set high priorities in the personal meeting of canditates and companies. To ensure the utmost satisfaction of both sides we identify ourselves and our tasks with these moral values:

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Our Milestones


“In the beginning, I couldn´t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself.”

 Dr. Ferdinand Porsche

After he worked as a personnel manager for a global player in the region Oldenburg Munsterland for many years, Dr. Clemens Schwerdtfeger realized none of the existing Human Resource Consultancies could meet his high expectations for human resource acquisition. 2002 he founded the Dr. Schwerdtfeger HR Consultancy to fulfill his high standards of a discreet and confidential agency. Since then we are the partner for professionals who plan and advance their careers strategically and companies looking for engaged employees.


The construction of our new company building at Garther Straße in Emstek started in 2009. The team of Dr. Schwerdtfeger HR Consult – now consisting of 10 employees – moves into the new building, which represents our high quality standards to the outside.


In the beginnings of Dr. Schwerdtfeger, the company had mostly consulted medium-sized companies and owner-managed concerns in the northwest of Germany. Through the years, an additional branch specialisation has evolved – the agribusiness. Consequently, Dr. Schwerdtfeger Agri HR Consult was established apart from Dr. Schwerdtfeger Regio HR Consult at the end of 2012.

Furthermore, Dr. Schwerdtfeger HR Consult celebrated its 10th anniversary within the scope of a large event. Mr. Joey Kelly, member of the musician’s family and later on extreme athlete and public figure, talked to approximately 150 guests at the Catholic Academy in Stapelfeld as guest speaker.


Dr. Clemens Schwerdtfeger and his team were accorded a great honour: The Dr. Schwerdtfeger HR Consult is appointed TOP CONSULTANT 2016 and is therefore now officially considered as one of the best consultants in Germany.

Companies with an extraordinary, customer-oriented as well as medium-sized focused consultancy can receive the award TOP CONSULTANT. Furthermore, the label can be used as reliable orientation for medium-sized companies seeking advice in a rather confusing market.

Another highlight of the year is the opening of a new branch office in Ulm. The new office is located in the business centre of Ulm with historical ambience of the so-called “Alten Stadtregals” –  a strategic location to access both, interesting agricultural companies as well as exciting candidates better and faster.


As of January 1st, Dr. Schwerdtfeger Human Resource Consulting transforms from an individual company to a private limited partnership and now operates under the name Dr. Schwerdtfeger Personalberatung GmbH & Co. KG. The consultants Rainer Haske and Dirk Grave, who have both worked very committed for Schwerdtfeger for years, became authorised signatories. Dr. Schwerdtfeger remains sole managing director of the company with its now 15 employees. The background of the new organizational structure is the evolution of Dr. Schwerdtfeger HR Consulting to a national and international active business.

Dr. Schwerdtfeger is co-founder of the new, European-wide network “IARA” ( The International Agribusiness Recruitment Alliance connects Human Resource Consultancies, who work in the agricultural business throughout Europe. Together with partners from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France, Dr. Schwerdtfeger HR Consulting tries to meet the challenges of a globalising world, in which human resources become the most valuable assets for companies.

Social Responsibility

Many of our clients, especially owner-operated medium sized companies do not only lead successful companies but also see their responsibility as entrepreneurs for the society as a whole.

Since the founding of the Dr. Schwerdtfeger HR Consultancy in 2002 we see and follow this social commitment. We are engaged in divers social programs which address and promote the ones, who are not as privileged as we are.

International Responsibility

We face social issues beyond the borders of our region as well, as we promote and support talented students in South Africa who grow up in difficult family constellations, via the organization “Freundeskreis Wakkerstroom e.V.”. All these supportive activities and engagements wouldn´t be possible without our national and international clients, who share our belief in social responsibility and our engagement for a better world.

Partners &  Awards

Our main competence is to build networks and to invest in relationships. Therefore we work together with strong partners: