The agricultural and nutrition industry is a fascinating sector. It is about products and services that need to be explained. About complex development, production and marketing processes in harmony with nature. In complex, international markets. About company-specific know-how and very individual company philosophies. People understand each other, speak their own language. They trust each other, build on long-term relationships between people and thus ensure sustainable business success. The development of these relationships is our task!

When selecting candidates, we therefore pay particular attention to ensuring that, in addition to their professional qualifications, they have a heart for your industry and specifically for your company or industry cluster. Our work starts with a personal conversation between you and our consultants in your offices. We do not only analyze your professional requirements, but also gain an understanding of your individual corporate culture. In doing so, we jointly draw up a precise candidate profile. Only now the search starts. In our own, very well-maintained pool of candidates and externally on all channels; but above all through discreet direct contact in the competitive field as agreed with you. In a personal interview we put candidates through their paces and make a pre-selection of your top candidates. We present your desired candidates personally to you and are your partner during the recruitment procedure and the onboarding phase. By means of close personal support and state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures throughout the entire recruitment process, we ensure that your new employee is a 100% perfect match for you. Professionally and human. This is how we separate the wheat from the chaff according to good agricultural practice. This distinguishes our work from simple recruitment agencies or simple job markets.


Agricultural Technology

Agricultural engineering, stable technology, precision farming, municipal technology, biotechnology, machinery and plant engineering


Plant breeding, plant cultivation, fertilizers/plant nutrition, plant protection, agrochemical sector

Animal Nutrition

Feed additives, premixes, compound feed, mineral feed, pet food

Breeding & Genetics

Livestock breeding, livestock breeding commodities, animal health, veterinary medicine


Egg products, dairy, fruit& vegetables, flour & milled products, meat & fish, ingredients


Automotive, Plastics engineering, Trade & Logistics firms headquartered in the Northwest of Germany

How we find your perfect candidate

All of our recruitment processes begin by comparing our large applicant’s pool of qualified executives and specialists with the company’s requirements. At the same time, we activate our enhanced network and start researching for matching candidates on various channels. Furthermore, we also publish the position (online/ print) upon your request in our or our client’s name. Thanks to an own internal research department, we also contact suitable candidates directly.

After identifying matching candidates, our specialised and experienced consultants are interviewing each one individually and in great detail, always with your requirements and company culture in mind. Based on these interviews, we create an initial selection of qualified candidates.  If wished, we also analyse these candidates in even mor depth by using the established INSIGHTS MDI approach.

For each candidate that we consider to be suitable for the position and your company, we create a short and individual report, including the candidate’s past, but also our evaluation of the persons.

Based on our evaluation reports, it is your choice to select which candidates you wish to meet in person. We then arrange a meeting either in your or in our offices, in which we also participate as facilitators.

In case you have decided on a candidate, we confidentially ask for testimonials and also support you (if wished) with the drafting of contracts, salary, trainings, etc. We also support you and the candidate in the initial on-boarding phase. For special requirements such as HR development programs, remuneration consulting, trainings etc., we are pleased to refer you to one of our specialised and competent network partners.

HR Expertise right out of  the Silicon Valley of the Agribusiness

As leading national HR consultancy we support our clients in the search, development and management of executives and experts from the headquarters in Emstek and our branch offices in Berlin and Ulm.  

In order to meet the demands of a more and more internationalizing market, we are as of 2017 co-founders of the European agribusiness network of Human Resources consulting firms ‚IARA‘ (International Agribusiness Recruitment Alliance).