Aptitude diagnostics – A further building block in our range of services

Carrying out an aptitude diagnostic in the course of a selection process often helps to support the famous “gut feeling” in an upcoming personnel decision: soft skills relevant to decision-making become transparent and measurable and candidates can thus be compared more objectively.

Our cooperation partner Caroline Timmermann, career coach and management trainer, has been successfully active in the field of personnel diagnostics for years. Since autumn of 2018, we have been working with the accredited insights-consultant, who also has many years of HR and management experience in corporate and medium-sized structures. Thereby we put our candidate selection on an even broader basis.

The suitability analysis starts with an online questionnaire that the candidate can complete conveniently from home. Ms. Timmermann initially discusses the evaluation with the candidate in a detailed feedback interview and then complements our results with statements about strengths and potential, in particular about the candidate’s leadership skills and motivation. In this way, our clients benefit not only from the high quality of our decisions, but also from the fact that the new executive becomes productive much faster and the familiarization phase is shortened.

Management diagnostics as a building block in the selection process of Dr. Schwerdtfeger HR Consulting – Please contact us if you are interested!